Rino Rappuoli and Mariagrazia Pizza awarded by IVI at Seoul

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) gave the 2023 IVI-SK bioscience Park MahnHoon Award to Drs. Rino Rappuoli and Mariagrazia Pizza as co-recipients for their studies on reverse vaccinology and for developing a Type B meningococcus vaccine.

The ceremony was held on the 25th of April, second anniversary of the death of Park MahnHoon, former vice president of SK Biosciences, at the IVI headquarters in Seoul.

Joining the Award Ceremony were Drs. Rino Rappuoli and Mariagrazia Pizza, Prof. Gilbert, Seoul National University President, Honglim Ryu, IVI Director General, Dr. Jerome Kim, and Mr. Jaeyong Ahn, SK bioscience CEO.

Mr. George Bickerstaff, Chair of the IVI Board of Trustees, congratulated the awardees in a video speech, while Prof. Pollard shared a pre-recorded video message. Federico Failla, Italian Ambassador to Korea, was also present.

The IVI-SK bioscience Park MahnHoon Award, created by the International Vaccine Institute and Sk Bioscience, annually honors up to two international individuals or organizations that made extraordinary contributions to the discovery, development and delivery of vaccines and advancement of global health.

Click here to read the full report and the comments by Professor Rino Rappuoli.

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